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Carver Company has the "BEST IN THE INDUSTRY" computerized grain temperature software. The Rolfes @Boone BCS 1000. This system offers a color graphic software package that will take the worry out of monitoring the grain temperatures of stored grain. 

The system features a "Windows style, point and click" method of selecting functions for easy user operation. This BCS 1000 system is compatible with most existing systems. Update your facility to the BCS 1000 and you will have the tools to manage all the stored grain. The BCS full color graphic software displays, in color, the areas of concern.  Approaching problems are managed by allowing you to respond before problems occur.

Read pre-selected cables at pre-selected time intrvals. Print out shows the cables that have exceeded your custom max rise or high limit alarm set points. Choose the number of historical readings you wish to save for later reference. The software features a note pad area that specific information can be entered such as bin depth, moisture content, commodity or the grain grade.

Customize the color representations to associate with various temperature ranges or alarm conditions. With the 3D graphics software you can display the entire facility or specific bins and rotate the display on horizontal and vertical axis for a full-vision of all the temperature conditions inside the structure. The BCS 1000 is the grain management tool that take a lot of worry out of your stored grain.

The BCS 1000 also has an OHM reading feature that tells the operator which cables need repair or replacement. The OHM check will pin point the areas that problems exist.  

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