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If you are building a new bin, flat storage, bunker system or just need replacement temperature cables, give us a call for a quote.  Whether you are looking for just cables or a complete grain temp system, we can provide the right solution for your needs.  You can keep it simple with a handheld reader or more sophisticated by viewing your temperatures anywhere, anytime via the internet.  We have the right products that will meet your expectations.




Complete Grain Temperature Systems

• Analog and/or digital systems

• Wireless, hardwired/PLC based or handheld readers

• Monitor both temperature and resistance readings

• Equilibrium moisture content (EMC)

• Monitor CO2 Levels


Replacement Temperature Cables

• Leadwire

• Hanger boxes

• Crimp and crimping tools

• Access Caps


Ground Pile Monitoring

• Wireless temperature probes

• Wireless VFD fan control w/ Co2, differential pressure,

exhaust temp, power loss, local wind speeds


Grain Level Indication

• Inventory management


Grain Spreaders

• Gravity fed

• Adjustable leveling band, safely adjust flow from outside the bin

• Reduce center core FM and bury pods

• Available up to 45k bushels an hour


Grain Conditioning

• EMC, cool-down, warm-up, and maintain modes

• Control aeration and exhaust fans

• Automatic or manual operation

• Equilibrium charts for different commodities



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