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Hazard Monitoring


Carver Company has been selling Hazard Monitoring systems for over 25 years.  Whether you are looking for analog, digital, or a combination of both.  We provide a variety of solutions that best fit your application.

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Complete Hazard Monitoring Systems

  • Digital, Analog, or a combination of both
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated
  • Single leg or entire facilities


Replacement parts and sensors

  • Leadwire
  • Bearings sensors and hardware
  • Rubs sensors and hardware
  • Speed/Slowdown sensors


One offering we provide is the HMN System using "Digital Sensors" with a standalone or integrated PLC. An IFX Bridge allows for Ethernet IP, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP.

What is Hazard Monitoring Network?
HMN  with “Leading Edge Intelligent Junction Board Technology”.  HMN provides Intrinsically Safe Power/Communications to a wide variety of devices in Hazardous locations. The IFX Interface module bridges between the PLC, DCS or Computer and the Network. A 4-wire network interconnects Intelligent Junction Boards (IJB) and discrete sensors such as speed sensors (ISSs) and intelligent switch inputs (ISIs).

Never has Hazard Monitoring been integrated to a simpler but yet dependable system. From the IFX modules an intrinsically safe 4-wire, shielded 18 ga communication/power line connects the IJB units. Each IJB has 4 or 6 galvanically isolated sensors inputs. The sensors can have leads of 1 to 50 feet long. The IJB units have a communication/power "IN" connection block and two "OUT" connection blocks. This configuration makes installation fast, easy and versatile. The total number of IJBs on a single network can be 40 units with 240 sensors and communication cable up to 5000 feet. 

This FastScan System will integrate into your existing PLC or it will function away from your PLC on a standalone computer or other device. 

The versatility of this system also allows the use of existing Type "T" thermocouples. The IJB-TC will convert the thermocouple sensors to digital at the IJB level eliminating the long and often times troublesome lead wire. 

The IJB units are available for Type "T", "K" or "J" Thermocouples, Digital Sensors, 4-wire RTD and Thermistor.



The HMN Intelligent Junction Board Technology (IJB) takes Hazard Monitoring to a level above all others.

  • No long runs or leadwire that will cause ground faults
  • Each IJB unit has four or six individually wired sensors, isolated from each other. 
  • No bus wiring, simplifying and adding dependability to the true temperatures.
  • No special equipment required to find faulty sensors; the control will display location. 
  • Scan times for the HMI for 300 points is less than a second.
  • Each IJB has diagnostics on the board making service fast and inexpensive.
  • Change sensors and IJB units without powering off entire system.








  • Intrinsically Safe - CSA, CSA-US, Class2, Div 1, Groups G
  • Capacity of 40 IJB units, 240 sensors
  • On boards Test Button with LEDs to verify power, communications and sensors
  • Each IJB can have Speed Sensors, High Low Point Sensors etc.
  • Sensor Leads can be cut to size, no coiled wires
  • Sensor leads can be up to 50' long 
  • No searching for bad or damaged sensors, location is displayed on monitor
  • Each sensor is isolated from all others


  • Hazard Monitoring
  • Roll Mills
  • Monitoring High/Low Level Switches
  • Monitoring Linear and Angular positions of gates, intake/exhaust louvers, and gravity tables.




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