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This diagram shows how the IJB Units can be linked in the facility. This link is all INTRINSICALLY SAFE and requires no Bus Converters. The IJB unit has one "IN" link and two "OUT". Each IJB has an ID number and either 4 or 6 sensor Inputs. The sensors are identified in the program by the ID of the IJB and the Sensor location. You do not need to enter a sensor serial number! 



*   Intrinsically Safe
*   Capacity of 40 IJB units, 240 sensors
*   On boards Test Button with LEDs to verify power, communications and sensors
*   Each IJB can have Speed Sensors, High Low Point Sensors etc.
*   Sensor Leads can be cut to size, no coiled wires
*   Sensor leads can be up to 50' long 
*   No searching for bad or damaged sensors, location is displayed on monitor
*   Each sensor is isolated from all others
*   Change sensors and IJB units without power down