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Grain Temperature Monitoring Systems

 Temperature Cables & Leadwire

 All Boone Thermocouple Cable and Leadwire is manufactured in the Rolfes @ Boone facility in Boone, Iowa by the most experienced engineering and extrusion staff in the industry. MADE IN AMERICA

A well designed and properly installed GRAIN TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM will give you peace of mind. You will know if the grain is still safe, with no hidden HOT SPOTS  to catch you by surprise. Grain Temperature cables will keep you informed and preserve maximum profits.


Replace old or worn cables when the bin is empty! No need to wait a year or two to get grain temps reading again.


For Use In: All types of Steel Bins, Concrete Bins and Silos, Flat Storage Buildings, Outside Piles or Bunkers. The Cables are available in various lengths with various sensor spacing and different tensile strength. The cables have a rugged, glossy-smooth outer jacket that reduces friction and resists chemicals. The transparent jacket allows for visual location of each sensor. The prefabricated cable assemblies are double sealed to withstand the most demanding moisture and abrasive conditions. 

The leadwire conductors on the cable are color coded for fast, error-free hook-up.

Cable Specifications

           Copper and Constantan

           Type "T" Thermocouples

Tensile Strength:
           2000#  -   6 T/C Cable
           4200#  - 12 T/C Cable
           7000#  - 18 T/C Cable
           9800#  - 21 T/C Cable

Thermocouple Spacing:
             6 T/C Cable - 3ft., 5ft., 6ft., 7ft., 8ft.
           12 T/C Cable - 6ft., 7ft., 8ft.
           18 T/C Cable - 6ft., 7ft., 8ft.
           21 T/C Cable - 7ft., 8ft.

Outside Cable Jacket:
           Vinyl or Nylon


The Leadwire connects to the Grain Cables to bring the place of reading the temperatures to a more convenient area. The leadwire is connected with silicon filled splicers to keep moisture out. The color leads on the cable and the leadwire make installation easy.

The LEADWIRE is available in 6,12,18 and 21T/C Sensor capacity and is available shielded or unshielded. The leadwire has copper and constantan conductors (type"T") with a Non-Hygroscopic Polypropylene covering to inhibit moisture from entering the system. The outside jacket is UV stabilized for long life.

Single pair shielded and unshielded duplex is also available.

            Call 1-800-967-1664 for prices on individual cables or for quotations on complete systems.

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