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Layout and Installing Dependable Hazard Monitoring

The Hazard Monitoring Network by Compu-Watt leaps ahead of all LISTED HAZARD MONITORING SYSTEMS. With the CSA US listing as Intrinsically Safe, the HMN Hazard Monitoring System brings the latest technology to the industry for dependable and fast monitoring of: BEARING TEMPERATURES, BELT RUB, BELT SPEED,PLUG, HIGH or LOW LEVEL, and CHAIN SLACK SENSOR.  Simplify Installation and Service, Magnify Dependability.

The Compu-Watt HMN hazard monitoring can use your existing thermocouple sensors by installing the IJB-TC units reducing the over all cost of updating or replacing an existing system. If you desire to add on to an existing IJB system but want to use digital sensors in the new addison, IJB TC units  The overall installation of the HMN system is much less expensive to install and service than other systems on the market. By simply placing an IJB housed in a weather tight enclosure with the needed sensor inputs at the HEAD and TAIL of grain legs, conveyor belts or drags to connect the sensor leadwire to the IJB Network. The length of the leadwire can be any length up to 30 feet greatly reducing the cost of installation. Since this Hazard Monitoring Network is INTRINSICALLY SAFE from the PLC to the furthest sensor there is no explosion proof installation needed. You simply tie all the IJB units to each other using an 18ga 4 conductor shielded cable. Another feature of the HMN is from each IJB you can branch out two different directions reducing the amount of communication wire. Each of the IJB units has its own address that you set using the two number wheels on the board. 





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