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 We Service: Grain Temperature, Bearing, Belt and Speed Monitoring Systems.


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Grain Temperature Monitoring...Hand Held Portable, Computer, Wireless.


Integrate Hazard Monitoring to PLC   

Hazard Monitoring Nwork
With Leading Edge “Intelligent Junction Board Technology”

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Save thousands!! Get More Reliability! HMN Hazard Monitoring System goes beyond simply monitoring. Have all digital sensors or convert existing thermocouple sensors to digital. Converting the thermocouple systems to digital eliminates the long and troublesome runs of leadwire. Thermocouple leadwire breaks down with age. This aged leadwire leads to groundfaults, inccurate temperatures and unstable temperatures. Many systems attempt to disguise these unstable readings with filters. The HMN system uses the Intelligent Junction Board to eliminate all leadwire outside of the short sensor leads. The Sensor is read and converted to a digital signal for reliability in the communications.

HMN  with “Leading Edge Intelligent Junction Board Technology”  provides Intrinsically Safe Power/Communications to a wide variety of Devices in Hazardous locations. The IFX Interface module bridges between the PLC, DCS or Computer and the Network. A 4-wire network interconnects Intelligent Junction Boards (IJB) and discrete sensors such as speed sensors (ISSs) and intelligent switch inputs (ISIs).




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