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Grain Temperature Service and Installation
Carver Company will provide Service on all your facilities. We offer a discounted service price and travel when you contract us for your Grain Cable Service. We also give an additional 15% off material prices and give an additional year warranty on the installation and on the materials. If you are building a new bin and want a quotation on the grain temp cables and pricing on the system options just give us a call.

Lightning Protection
Our experience in SURGE SUPPRESSION AND LIGHTNING PROTECTION spans over two decades. We have specialized in keeping computers and other controls on line in the GRAIN, FEED and MILLING INDUSTRIES. These industries are prone to lightning induced surge damage. Our Product the SILENT SLAVE stops damage and keeps the facility in operation even through severe storms. This includes the protection of scales, computers, PLC, phones and more.
**Silent Slave

Hazard Monitoring
Our company has been selling, installing and servicing BEARING MONITORING, BELT ALIGNMENT AND BELT SPEED for over 15 years.  Give us a call to get a quotation on a yearly CHECK-UP on your Hazard Monitoring. We will check each Sensor, Rub Block and verify the wiring and give you a certificate to show your system has been checked out, repaired and alarms tested.
**Rolfes @ Boone

We have a team of experts behind us to provide you with the best aeration system available. Rolfes @Boone has what it takes to keep your grain safe through design, sales and service.
**Rolfes @ Boone

We have the most trouble free and dependable DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM available. This system, the  OIL COMMANDER is custom designed to fit your facility. 
**Rolfes @ Boone
**Oil Commander

We service most grain temperature monitoring, bearing and belt monitoring, and belt speed systems. We have replacement parts for many makes and models.



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